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Purchase Clause

  1. Price and Shipping
    All prices on the mall include tax,We reserve the right to change the prices of the products offered in the store without prior notice to the user. Unless you have directly and successfully submitted the order and completed the full payment, the relevant price information is for reference only and should not be regarded as an offer or acceptance in any legal sense.
    You acknowledge and understand that orders in the Internet environment are instantaneous, concurrent, and other characteristics, and we may not be able to update product inventory in a timely manner. Therefore, please note that even after the order you have placed is in effect, for some products that are out of stock, your relevant order may be delayed until the product arrives. Normally orders will be shipped within 3 working days after the order is effective, but in special circumstances such as holidays or peak order periods, the delivery date may be additional delayed. You agree to waive any liability for breach of contract or claim for late delivery.
  2. Order for goods
    How to buy: You can click on the product you want to buy in our mall, add it to the shopping cart, and then pay according to the prompt. According to customs regulations, a parcel (that is, an order) requires an ID card. Please first fill in your account to submit the ID card and delivery address information.
    You can order products through our store (hereinafter referred to as “placing an order”), and the online payment order is established and effective from the time of payment. When you submit an order, please be sure to carefully confirm the name, price, quantity, specifications, contact address, telephone, consignee and other information of the purchased products. We may refuse to accept or cancel your submitted order before it becomes effective. Once the order is established and effective, the user will not be able to modify or cancel the order by himself. If you need to modify or cancel the order, you should contact customer service. Unless otherwise required by law, we shall not be liable for any errors or inaccuracies in the product illustrations displayed. We will inform you as soon as possible if the item you purchased is not available after the order has taken effect.
  3. Payments and returns/refunds
    Support online payment methods :TT, VISA and other payment methods are under development, for details, please email to
  4. Description of damage claims
    Please be sure to check the goods before signing, and check whether the outer box is intact and whether there is a significant difference in weight when signing. If the contents of the package are damaged and short of goods, please ask the Courier to sign on the list and note the situation of damage/short of goods, or record the unpacking video when receiving the goods, otherwise, it will be regarded as normal signing. If the problem is found only after the normal signature is received, the damaged/short delivery compensation cannot be applied.

The Following Disclaimer Is Not Covered.

  1. Fragile Products (Including But Not Limited To Ceramic/Enamel/Glass, Liquid Crystal Display, Liquid Health Products, Etc.) : No Matter Whether You Choose Reinforcement Or Not, You Can Not Claim.
  2. Changes In The Nature Of The Goods Caused By Customs Clearance, Flight Delay, Customer Delay In Payment, Express Delay, Recipient Information Error, Etc., Too Shelf Life, Too Warranty Period.
  3. For Direct Or Indirect Losses Not Caused By Our Company, Our Company Shall Not Assume Joint And Several Liability And Compensation Liability.
  4. If The Parcel Is In Violation Of The Regulations Of The Country Of Destination Or Contraband, It Shall Be Confiscated Or Fined By The Competent Authority, And Our Company Will Pursue Legal Responsibility According To Law.
  5. Delay Caused By Customer’s Failure To Confirm And Pay Freight And Customs Tax In Time.
  6.  Claims Beyond The Time Limit For Processing.
  7. Due To The Nature Of The Consignment Goods Through Reinforcement Can Not Avoid Damage (Such As Liquid Health Products, Etc.), Defects, Characteristics Or Inherent Defects, Poor Packaging Of The Goods Themselves, Natural Nature, Inherent Defects In The Transport Process Caused By Damage, Leakage, Etc. (Porcelain And Other Fragile Products)
  8. Violation Of The Terms Of The Company’s Website Or Other Agreements, Such As The Submitted Id Card Or Address Information Is Not Standardized Or Incomplete, Resulting In The Loss Of Goods.
  9. The Normal Receipt Of The Parcel Means The End Of The Whole Transit Process. Our Company Will Not Accept The Claim For The Parcel After The Normal Receipt.
    10. Caused By Force Majeure Such As Natural Disasters, Wars, Riots, Etc.