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TJ-OUTDOORS Bulletproof Woven Kevlar Aramid Fabric 200g 1000d

Product name:Aramid woven fabric
Model number:TJ-YL-F01
OEM:Supports OEM and ODM
MOQ:  1 ton

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Yellow aramid fabric twill fabric.


This fabric is made of 2×2 twill fabric. This material is woven by a famous weaver


Their long-standing presence in the composites industry will ensure that you receive high quality materials. this


The material gives you high strength capability with impact resistance aramid.




  1. High strength, heat resistance: tensile strength is 7 times that of steel;


  1. Light weight, good flexibility: one-fifth of the weight of steel; For example, the preparation of fibers for clothing;


  1. Insulation: suitable for subways, tunnels, industrial labor wards, power projects with high insulation requirements;


  1. Durable, no rust, corrosion resistance, and suitable for acid, alkali, salt and hot and humid environment, such as coastal coast, especially the construction of port terminals.


  1. Excellent anti-fatigue and anti-dynamic load performance: especially suitable for bridge reinforcement and repair projects. Shear resistance: The shear resistance of aramid fiber is the strongest among all FRP materials. Convenient construction, cost-effective, easy to maintain.


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