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TJ-OUTDOORS UHMWPE UD Fabric Lightweight PE UD bulletproof material

Product name:UHMWPE woven fabric
Model number:TJ-UD-P01
Color:begin color
OEM:Supports OEM and ODM
MOQ:1 ton

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The Uni-directional (UD) UHMWPE(short for Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene)  fabric is composed of double / multi-layered PE fibers and flexiable thermoplastic film matrix with adhesive. It is one of the most popular ballistic fabric which is widely used for various ballistic protection applications to protect against fast-moving projectile or fragment, like flexible soft body armor / hard armor plates / ballistic helmets / explosion-proof equipments and etc..

The fabric could be designed to be different densities and layers to protect against different threats in various situations. It is ultra-lightweight and the highest impact strength composite material presently made, which also features  odorless /eco-friendly / low moisture absorption / concentrated acids and alkalis resistance  / anti-corrosion /anti-abrasion / cost effective / etc..


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