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Riot police military aluminum steel shield with flashlights

Product name:Military police explosion-proof shield
Model number:TJ-DP-Q03
Material:Heated treated aluminium alloy 7075

OEM:Add logo,Customizable for left and right hand use


Size: 70x30x0.25cm or as required

Weight:1.9 kg including lamp and battery system


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The composition of explosion-proof arm shield: broken window head, U-shaped mouth saw tooth, plastic handle, EVA cushioning cotton board, sticky hand strap, folding Angle reinforcement

Broken window head


The alloy plate is usually a common body shield in social security, with a buffer layer behind the arm. The buffer layer is made of high flexibility, high strength and high toughness materials. In addition to helping to cushion violent blows, the buffer layer also makes the arm closer to the human body and comfortable to wear


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