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Tj-Outdoors PE NIJIIIA Fast Bulletproof Helmet Tactical Hunting Camouflage Helmet

Model NO:TJ-TK-F03

Product name:FAST UHMWPE Bulletproof Helmet

Hoop Size:54-64cm


Color:Army Green, Khaki, Black,blue.camouflage,OEM


Package Gross Weight:1.5±0.05kg

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Ballistic Performance:
conform to NIJ-STD -0106.01 Level IIIA(Modified) and STANAG2920, withstanding the pistool threats like 9mm Para FMJ and .44Magnum shot from 5 meters, excellant fragment protection against high velocity shrapnels.The ballistic material of the helmet is made from strong UHMW-PE woven fabric which features apx. 650m/s to 680m/s high V50 value( MIL-STD-662F)and excellent ballistic performance

Product  Featu

Made of UHMWPE for lightweight protection.

FAST(Future Asssault Shell Technology) type helmet is one of the most modern tactical combat helmet in the world
*state-of-the-art SPUA coating and anti-glare matte finish which features low profile / waterproof / shock resistant / high
temperature resistant performance and etc…
* 4 points retention system with foam padding,more stable and secure under intense operations. Also makes the wearers more
comfortable due to the good ventilation and breathability performance.
* Advanced adjustable suspension system,durable Nylon strap/ harness with quick release buckle and breathable chip cup. Reinforced tactical side rails(ARC) and shroud with hooked elastic band, which is compatible with some tactical accessories such as night vision goggles, camera, headset ,flashlight and etc. reinforced plastic headband with adjustable padded OCC-DIAL is designed for the adjustment of helmet tightness



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